Stuker Training Manual Bundle Vol. 1-8

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Get 5 new volumes of the brand-new Stuker Training Manual from the Automotive Training Network. This bundle includes How to Sell 20+ Units a Month, Phone Fundamentals, Mastering the Phone Up, and Digital Lead Management. 

How to Sell 20+ Units a Month

  • What Defines a Quality Conversation?
  • Proactive vs. Reactive - Sources of Business
  • Choosing to be Successful
  • Doing the Math on 20+ Units a Month
  • 20+ Units: Making a Plan

Phone Fundamentals

  • The Basics
    • When, Where, and How?
    • Good Time vs. Bad Time
    • If You're Not Talking You're Not Selling
  • Leaving an Effective Message
    • Message Scripts & Templates
    • Follow-Up Message
    • Response Call
  • 10 Steps to a Quality Conversation
    • Be Prepared
    • Getting the Green Light
    • Reasons for the Call
    • Asking for Referrals

Mastering the Phone Up

  • Key Phrases
  • Inbound Calls 101
    • Roadblocks to Successful Phone Ups
    • Phone Up Expectations
  • 7 Steps to Mastering the Phone Up
    • Qualifying the Customer
    • Connect Yourself with the Prospect
    • Asking for Referrals
  • The Best Call You Can Get
    • How to Handle Price Shoppers
  • Phone Up Mistakes
  • Inbound Call Evaluation Activity
  • Inbound Scripts


Digital Lead Management

  • Understanding a Digital Lead
  • Making Your CRM Work for You
  • Successfully Managing Your Day
  • Handling Digital Leads: New vs. Used
  • Identifying a Customer's Needs
  • Getting Them on the Phone
  • Entering the "Text Circle"
  • Effective Email Responses: The Structure
  • Effective Email Responses: Template Examples
  • Continuous Follow-up


Bringing Them Back To Buy

  • Contacting Unsold Showroom Traffic
  • 5 Steps to Maximize Unsold Showroom Traffic
  • Calling Unsold Customers
  • 10 Tips For Calling Back Unsold Showroom Traffic
  • Price Objections
  • Trade & Stall Objections
  • “No” Objections
  • Lost Sale Objections
  • Power Phrases


INCLUDED: 14-day access to the online courses How to Sell 20+ Units a Month, Phone Fundamentals, Mastering the Phone Up, Digital Lead Management, Bringing Them Back To Buy, Overcoming Objections: Inbound & Outbound, Data Mining & 20+ Outbound Calls

Automotive Training Network's Virtual Training platform, ATNVT, provides interactive training modules to pair with the elements included in the manual. The combination of these two products improves retention and results.

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