Stuker Training Manual Vol. 1 - How to Sell 20+ Units a Month

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Get the brand-new "How to Sell 20+ Units a Month" manual from the Automotive Training Network and Stuker.  This book is designed for all sales and BDC staff in dealerships. The tools and principles are applicable to managers and salespeople alike.

Content includes:

  • What Defines a Quality Conversation?
  • Proactive vs. Reactive - Sources of Business
  • Choosing to be Successful
  • Doing the Math on 20+ Units a Month
  • 20+ Units: Making a Plan

INCLUDED: 7-day access to the online course "How to Sell 20+ Units a Month"

Automotive Training Network's Virtual Training platform, ATNVT, provides interactive training modules to pair with the elements included in the manual. The combination of these two products improves retention and results.