Stuker Training Manual Vol. 3 - Mastering the Phone Up

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Get the brand-new "Mastering the Phone Up" manual, Volume 2 of the Stuker Training Manual.  "Mastering the Phone Up" focuses on managing inbound phone traffic to your dealership. Learn strategies to convert more phone leads into actual showroom traffic.

Content includes:

  • Key Phrases
  • Inbound Calls 101
    • Roadblocks to Successful Phone Ups
    • Phone Up Expectations
  • 7 Steps to Mastering the Phone Up
    • Qualifying the Customer
    • Connect Yourself with the Prospect
    • Asking for Referrals
  • The Best Call You Can Get
    • How to Handle Price Shoppers
  • Phone Up Mistakes
  • Inbound Call Evaluation Activity
  • Inbound Scripts

INCLUDED: 7-day access to the online course "Mastering the Phone Up"

Automotive Training Network's Virtual Training platform, ATNVT, provides interactive training modules to pair with the elements included in the manual. The combination of these two products improves retention and results.